Policy & Procedures for AFFA Grants for Projects/Events

The Purpose of this Policy and these Procedures:

1. To deploy AFFA funds in a planned and responsible manner

2. To realize AFFA’s mission through the financial support of

3. To engage with other organizations and participate in the

4. To create a historical record of AFFA grants

Procedures for Approval of Applications for AFFA Grants:

1. Applications for AFFA grants are to be submitted in writing using
AFFA’s application format. Application Forms may be requested
from the AFFA Board or the Treasurer.

2. In order to be able to evaluate proposals in a fair (rather than
first-come) manner, a deadline for grant submissions
was established in 2010 and implemented in 2011.

3. A quorum of the AFFA Board will consider requests for AFFA

4. Decision will be made by voice vote. Simple majority decides.

5. Any Board Member who has a business or personal relationship
with either the Applicant or the Grantee will recuse him/herself
and abstain from voting.

Limits for AFFA Grants per Fiscal Year:

Per Organization: $1,000 Per Individual: $500

Total Donations: $2,000

Exceptions to be decided by the AFFA Board

Click here to download a PDF of The AFFA 2015 Grant Application Form

Click here to download a WORD Doc of The AFFA 2015 Grant Application Form

A few highlights the AFFA from our permanent folk art collection.

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