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2014 Call for Proposals

~Grants Available~ 

Deadline for submission: April 30, 2014

The mission of Austin Friends of Folk Art is to promote awareness, knowledge, and love of folk art. We are pleased to announce a call for proposals and to offer grants of up to $500 to individuals and up to $1,000 to organizations for the proposals that will best benefit the folk art community or further our mission.

Deadline for receipt of grant applications is April 30, 2014. Applications will be reviewed by the AFFA Board of Directors, and awards will be announced by May 31, 2014.

To download an application form, click HERE.

E-mail completed grant application to: austinfriendsoffolkart@yahoo.com

or print and mail completed grant application to:

Austin Friends of Folk Art
P.O. Box 28085
Austin, TX 78755

While you’re at austinfriendsoffolkart.org, check out the list of past grants and look at the variety of our past programs. If they appeal to you, please come get to know us!

Thank you and good luck!


It’s Time to Renew Your Membership!

If you haven’t already renewed for 2014, now’s the time. Send a check to Treasurer Robin Smith, 10501 Roy Butler Drive, Austin, TX  78717; Phone: (512) 310-9729; Email:  torobinsmith@austin.rr.com; or pay online using PayPal. (On the right-hand side of this AFFA homepage, under “JOIN ONLINE!” click on the appropriate category of membership, which will direct you to PayPal.)